celebrate spring with a REDBYRD spring cider share!!!

Really, truly, it is right around the corner…

24064_1324703110749_3793092_nspringtime in the fingerlakes


and wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate it’s arrival like this…


with a share of Redbyrd Orchard Cider…

ah, what could be better?  ummm, not much!

Hi there!  2012 was a humdinger of a year for us apple growers in New York.  In fact, it was the hardest year on record for apple production in the state. You can hear Eric here talking about the  affect on the apple industry or read him here in this USA TODAY article. With an unusually warm spring and earlier bloom times followed by an extreme cold snap, our orchards got hit hard.  Let’s hope it was an anomaly of a season, and not a trend!   That said, we are very happy to be able to say that we do have some, albeit a very limited amount, absolutely amazing cider for you to purchase this year.

Sign up for your Spring Cider Share NOW: Simply email us or call 607.351.3787 with your share choice and delivery method, we will confirm and then you will send a check for pick-up orders or pay on delivery for doorstep drop off.

get your Redbyrd Orchard Cider Spring Share  and get the goodness!

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