Spring in the Finger Lakes

Here is where we were a year ago today…

New trees already in the ground in our new orchard, grass turning green, the skies sunny and the air warm.

March 2012 Redbyrd Orchard New Planting

Last year the daffodils were fully opened to the sun by March 17th…

This year though, winter just does not want to let go.

Snowy March 2013

Here’s a photo of the new orchard taken just a couple of weeks ago.

And we still have to wait a few more weeks before we can even think about getting going with our springtime orchard work and tree planting.

That’s okay by us… we say hurray!!!!!

A late bloom is a good bloom.

 2011 Blossom, Redbyrd Orchard

Check out here what an early bloom in 2012 did  New York’s apple crop!

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