Starblossom 2012 Released

Starblossom 2012We’re happy to report Release Day success!  Thanks to all who came down to taste and buy at our local and absolutely amazing  Trumansburg Farmers’ Market this past Wednesday.  What a beautiful evening; big blue skies, the sounds of the Grady Girls traditional Irish folk musicc (click on that link, trust me you won’t regret it!) coming from the bandstand, the smells of Hazelnut Kitchen’s housemade chorizo sausage and Wide Awake’s fresh baked bread and MacDonald Family’s sauerkraut fritters, wafting through the air.  Yes folks, we live in a farmers’ market heaven… community built pavilions, mercantile playhouses for kiddos, exercise classes for seniors, i mean it really is an incredible mix, for an incredible little village.  If ever you travel through our northeast neck of the woods you must, must, must come spend an afternoon.

But aha, this is not a post about how much i love my dear village, but a post about our latest release.  Welcome to the world, Starblossom!  We salute you, we cheers you, we drink you up and say wooo hoooooooo, now that there is a nice cider.

       “Bottle conditioned and barrel aged in french oak, Starblossom is a heavy yet elegant cider with a nose of spice and vanilla, smokey cloves and dried fruit.  Exquisite with a fine ring of bubbles in your glass and a warming creaminess of effervescence in your mouth. An excellent pairing with a spicy lamb tangine, pasta nestled in a delicate cream sauce, roasted pork loin, or even on it’s own as a celebratory drink.”

8.9% alc.   0.0% res.sugar

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