FLX Cider Week Begins!!! Oct. 4-13

Come celebrate cider with us!!!!!

 Oct. 4 Friday~ Cider Week Kick Off  at The Cellar d’Or, 4-6 pm

Oct. 8 Tuesday~ Madeline’s Cider Paired Dinner, 6pm

Oct. 8 Tuesday ~ Hazelnut’s Redbyrd Pairings Dinner, 6:30pm *soldout

Oct. 9 Wednesday ~ Tburg Farmers’ Market Cider Salon, 4-7pm

Oct. 10 Thursday~ Cider Talk with Eric at Ullyses Philomathic Library, 7-8pm

Oct, 12 Saturday ~ Gifts of the Apple with Good Life Farm, 3-7pm

Lots more events throughout the week… Check it all out at

and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ciderweekflx

make your plans now and ENJOY!!!!!!

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