Best Holiday Gift EVER…Cider CSA sign up begins today!

Cider makes us want to HOop in the Winter

We’re sooooooo excited to have Cider CSA sign-ups begin, we might just do some hooping in the snow!!! How ’bout you?

Drink local, drink sustainable!

 Redbyrd Orchard Cider’s CSA is a wonderful option for those who want to commit to supporting their local orchardist and cidermaker.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture, although most folks don’t think of their beverage as an agricultural product, it is! and boy does that make a difference in what you get in your glass.

Here at Redbyrd Orchard, we are tending our orchards, coaxing the best apples possible from our trees, through thoughtful pruning, fruit thinning, organic management of disease and pests…making sure our apples offer us full and flavorful juice, juice that expresses the best of each variety.We are cidermakers and we are apple growers…we’d love to share both of those passions with you. We feel honored to be a part of your vibrant community!

Come tour the orchards,  view the press at work in the fall, join us for exclusive cider and apple tastings in the orchard, Wassail with us in January, and get a generous discount on Redbyrd workshops.  Being members of Redbyrd’s Cider CSA offers you all that PLUS awesome cider, picked up right at the cidery on member night~be prepared for great live tunes and good company. Share members will be able to choose from a bottle share or fill your jug share.

       This is what a share looks like…Redbyrd Orchard Cider CSA Registration Form

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