Happy New Year!!!

Hello 2014, a happy new year to us all! There’s sunshine in the orchard, fresh snow on the ground, and a buzz of excitement in the air here at Redbyrd.  We’ve entered the season of planning, and dreaming, and scheming, and, of course, bottling.  Don’t forget it’s also the season of tending to the sheep, Eric reminds me.

Welcoming in this new year gives us the opportunity to  look back upon 2013…which feels quite lovely as i sit by the wood stove on this winter’s day.  Man, what a year! We doubled our production (woo hoo!), increased sales both retail and wholesale, saw cider become more and more of a mainstream drink of choice (woo hoo again!), got to collaborate with great friends and fellow farmers in planning a fantastic 2nd annual FLX Cider Week, and oh so much more.  So much more, more than we expected, more than we planned for…it’s amazed us what Redbyrd has become in just these three years.  And we have YOU to thank for it…so, Thank You!!!! From the bottom of our Redbyrd hearts.

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