Come Wassail With Us!

Join us for an evening of rousing fun and revelry! We’ll stomp through the orchard and then share in music and food and libation. Bring a dish to pass and stay for dinner! We’ll have a few flashlight led winter orchard tours, lots of hot cider, and fiddle music to knock your socks off…so dress warm!

When?   January 17, FRIDAY! From 4:30 PM until 7pm   Wassailing will occur at sunset, don’t miss it

Where? At Redbyrd’s orchard in Trumansburg!

Where is that? 4491 Reynolds Rd., Trumansburg, NY 14886

What’s Wassailing?  We’ll march down the orchard rows, sing songs, pour cider on the ground round the oldest tree, offer cider soaked toast to the tree spirits and bang on pots to rid the orchard of the naughty spirits…Redbyrd style, of course. Read more about the old tradition of orchard wassailing here.

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