Redbyrd Orchard Cider’s New Releases, NY’s first Certified Biodynamic Cider!

Hello Savvy Cider Fans,

Redbyrd’s fermentation process and style has always been in the category of low-intervention cider making or as we say, “letting the fruit speak”. Minimally processed is another way to describe it. Simply stated we grind and press apples, guide the juice to a completely dry fermented cider by using wild yeast and non-GMO cultured yeast and some organic yeast nutrients. At first racking we use a very low dose of sulfite. That’s it…, we let  the fruit and terroir of the orchard tell the tale. This year our ciders made from 100% of our own certified Biodynamic fruit and our low-intervention cider making process have awarded us the privilege to label these ciders as certified Biodynamic by Demeter USA. Our 2019 Starblossom is the first release of our Biodynamic ciders…, with many more to be released this spring and summer.  We believe in natural farming and natural cidermaking, and we love sharing it with you!!!

We are so excited for the release of our first Certified Biodynamic cider,  the 2019 Starblossom.  This means a lot to us.  It is a reference point to so many years of success’ and failures in the whirlwind of growing apples and making cider.  We feel the Biodynamic certification best describes how we are farming and what we are doing at Redbyrd Orchard.

Although there is no perfect agricultural system we feel Organic, and Biodynamic practices are the most sustainable,  low input forms of agricultural, and hold the tools and techniques to produce the highest quality food.  Striving for Harmony and balance in agriculture is a difficult task.  The very act of growing food in an organized system separated even in part  from the all-encompassing balance and rhythm of nature will have flaws.  Nature will fight all agricultural systems because it is, in any form, out of balance with the natural system. Farming is a human created culture that teases out of the landscape food that is in essence easier to access or harvest than gathering from the wild, and completely necessary for our population size on earth to survive.

How do we engage in farming with respect for these natural rhythms?  Is it possible to tread softly on the landscape of the earth and accomplish profitability of food?  It is becoming more and more apparent to us that small farms are more “accepted” by nature’s standards of balance, as so are the philosophies around organic/Biodynamic agriculture which allows for the natural world to weave into the system and bring it closer to the balance of the natural world.  Allowing and inviting earth’s balance of energy,  or forces of nature, and this same balance of forces from outside of earth in the cosmos into the agricultural system will trend towards  a more balanced agroecosystem, and a more resilient system.

To us the Biodynamic choice supports the systems that grow food, drink, ecosystems and living habitants of the farm that respect the balance with these natural rhythms that we all undeniably are born of, made from and a part of.

Biodynamic is regenerative agriculture,
Biodynamic is good land stewardship,
Biodynamic agriculture encourages a healthy farm which in turn produces healthy food, and healthy people
Biodynamic agriculture preserves clean healthy soil and water

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