Cider Club: The Redbyrd Flight

Our curated selection of Redbyrd ciders put together by cidermaker and orchardist, Eric Shatt. Released 3 times a year. These will be hand selected, thoughtfully presented with notes, pairing suggestions and guided tastings. Will include at times vertical offerings, library ciders, limited releases, both still and sparkling ciders…always what we are drinking here at the orchard. Members receive an additional 5% off all Redbyrd Orchard Cider purchases.

Prices range from $45-$75 per shipment for 3 bottle Redbyrd Flight

Prices range from $100-$150 per shipment for 6 bottle Redbyrd Flight

By joining The Redbyrd Flight, you agree to a year commitment (three cycles). Each shipment is charged one week before it ships. Please contact us regarding address and credit card changes as they occur in order to facilitate easy processing of your membership. Members must be 21 years of age and older to participate. All shipments require a person 21+ to sign for the package upon delivery via UPS. Packages will not be delivered without this signature.

The Redbyrd Flight makes a beautiful gift for the cider lover in your life.

Sign up here to join the club…we can’t wait to have you be a part of the Redbyrd team.


Our first club release will be the experience of Cloudsplitter. Join our cider club today and you will receive 2018 champagne Cloudsplitter, 2019 Vernal Cloudsplitter, and 2019 still Cloudsplitter, and 2017 champagne Cloudsplitter(6bottle flights).

Redbyrd’s Cloudsplitter ciders have always been a blend of not only our favorite cider apples but the best fruit from those varieties, meaning the most optimally ripened in that particular harvest. The cream of the crop some may say. Cloudsplitter always contains porters perfection, Golden Russet, Wickson Crab, Kingston Black, Ashmeads Kernal, Brown Snout, Gnarled Chapman, and so many other exceptional cider varieties. Cloudsplitter also has always been 100% estate grown fruit from our Biodynamic Orchards, expressing its unique terroir.  Every year this cider is an attempt to split the clouds!!!! We finish this blend in a few ways…, as a traditional champagne style cider to highlight the in bottle aging process and natural creamy bubbles, as force carbonated to bring lift and freshness to a young version as named Vernal Cloudsplitter, and bottled still in its raw unfiltered simple natural, pure state for optimal transparency of terroir.
Our first shipment will be going out September 22nd, so act now, and thank you for supporting small, local and sustainable farms. We’ll have an awesome guided tasting on instagram live (can also be watched later) to accompany the selections…super exciting and can’t wait to share with all of you!
Also…we really hope you’ll consider supporting the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust.  Find out more here and become a patron here.  Thanks! NEFOC is working towards a collective vision of advancing land and food sovereignty in the northeast region through permanent and secure land tenure for POC farmers and land stewards who will use the land in a sacred manner that honors our ancestors dreams – for sustainable farming, human habitat, ceremony, native ecosystem restoration, and cultural preservation

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