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This blog space is intended to be a digital journal of my engagement with the moon and planets and the orchard. Every month during the growing season I intend to record Astrological and Astronomical happenings with observations from the field. I work with the Tropical Zodiac as it feels orienting to me to call the spring Equinox 0 degrees Aries, the summer solstice when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer as 0 Cancer, the fall equinox as 0 Libra, and the winter solstice as 0 degrees Capricorn. The Tropical Zodiac to me is seasonal and directional. The Sidereal Zodiac is oriented with the stars and constellations. I feel strongly that both zodiacs are correct and can be used in Agriculture. The moon spins around us Moonthly and magnifies the direction (Elements)and the planets within. Here are some journal scratchings to work with for April and for my planting of apple seeds for our new seedling orchard where I plan to focus sowing the apple seeds under various Elementally vibrant days……, will this result in any interesting findings?…, who knows…., it is good to continue learning and engaging in new ways. Be well, and look to the moon!!! ~Eric 4/01/2022

4-1-22  5:30pm – 6:23pm 

Astrology- Vibrantly Fire

                   New moon in Aries 2:22am

                   Moon conj. Chiron and Mercury

                   Moon ascending 

                   Moon sextile Mars 6:07pm

                  Chiron Cazimi 4pm-4am 

                             – perfects 10:50pm

Agriculture- Dug 12 holes and mixed in a shovel full of BD compost. 6 holes received two handfuls of Roxbury Russet pomace saved from 2021 harvest. The other 6 holes received Porters Perfection pomace. I would estimate 20 seeds were planted per hole.

4-9-22     9:49am – 11:19am

Astrology – Vibrantly Water 

                    Moon in Cancer

                    Grand Trine in Water with

                       Moon 23 ♋️

                       Jupiter and Neptune 23 ♓️

                       South Node 23 ♏️

                    Moon trine Jupiter 10:35am

                    Moon trine Neptune 11:11am

                    Moon N Peak 4-8

                    Moon Apogee 4-8

Agriculture – Dug 17 holes, mixed in a shovel full of BD compost. Sowed holes with apple seeds of Roxbury Russet and Porters Perfection pomace. 

Light off and on drizzle, heaviest light rain around 11:00 – 11:15. 

4-11-22   6:58pm – 7:34pm

Astrology – Vibrantly Fire 

                    Moon in Leo ♌️

                    Moon descending 

                    Moon trine Sun perfect at 7pm

                    Moon opposed  Saturn 

                    Saturn square Nodes

                    Grand Square with Moon, Saturn,    

                    And Nodes – perfected 8:43pm

                    Sun sextile Saturn 8:00pm

    ( 4-12, 9:22am Jupiter Neptune conjunction 

               With moon at 29 Leo)

Agriculture – dug 9 holes. Mixed in a shovel full of BD Compost. Planted seeds of Porters Perfection and Roxbury Russet.

-Overcast, light drizzle.

Here is chart:

4-14-22    10:30am – 11:25am 

Astrology – Vibrantly Earth

                   Moon in Virgo

                   Moon descending 

                   Earth Grand Trine with 

                      Moon in Virgo 26

                      North Node in Taurus 22

                      Pluto in Capricorn 28

                   Moon opposed Jupiter Neptune 


Agriculture – Dug 12 holes. Mixed in a shovel    full of BD Compost. Planted seeds of Porters Perfection and Roxbury Russet. 

– Overcast, warm, humid 

4-16-22   10:02am – 11:20am

Astrology –  Vibrantly Air

                     Moon in Libra ♎️

                     Moon descending 

                     Moon 23 ♎️ Trine Saturn 23 ♒️

Moon quincunx Jupiter Neptune

Yod with Moon, Jupiter / Neptune and North Node

Agriculture – Dug 18 holes. Mixed in a shovel full of BD Compost. Planted seeds of Porters Perfection and Roxbury Russet.

** Note- some PP seeds have started to sprout in pomace but not all seeds. No RR seeds are sprouting yet. 

 – light rain and drizzle 

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