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Heart Song For Reparations and Work for White People

To our black friends: we see you. we are holding you in our heart so big now and always. We love you, I love you. we are so sorry for all this hurt and heart ache and callousness. We will fight to dismantle white supremacy forever and in all that we do. We love you. For our white friends, please read and listen and think: An excerpt from our weekly postcard writing group: We have a different sort of ask this week. []

Breeding and Discovery in the Orchard at Redbyrd…

May 2020 At Redbyrd we are always looking to improve our orchard system. Experimenting with and discovering new ideas, and ways of management has always been interesting to us. One of those ideas is the quest of finding and breeding new varieties. For years we have found, propagated, named and distributed our favorite wild found varieties. These apples Gnarled Chapman, Redbyrd Bitter, Searsburg Cherry Bomb , Barn Hill Sharp are all treasures bred by nature, selected by us for their flavor and []

Ithaca’s Press Bay Alley Food Transfer Hub: Redbyrd Cider and so much more!!!!

Ithaca Area Peeps: You can order Redbyrd Orchard Cider right from our online shop and choose the Local Delivery Option for pick up on Thursdays at PressBay Food Hub…. here’s more info From the website: Curbside Food Hub in Downtown Ithaca A distribution option for area farmers and Free Food Pantry FARMS TO ORDER FROM EACH WEEK Free Food Pantry Mondays (3 – 5 PM) Customer Pick Ups Weekly on Thursdays (3-7 PM) 110-1 Green St., Ithaca (PressBay Court) curbside We are committed to keeping food flowing through []

There is Art in Cidermaking!

*This piece first published on Finger Lakes Cider House website 11/24/15, written by Eric Shatt of Redbyrd Orchard Cider There is Art in cidermaking!!  The decisions made along the way direct the outcome. The blend of apples planted, where they are planted, when to pick them, how long to sweat them, which ones to press together, how hard to press them, where to ferment the cider —-size and container, barrel or Stainless Steel, yeast, temperature, lees contact, aging, use of sulfites, bulk aging, blending, []

“Taming” (Grafting) Wild Seedling Apple Trees…

****SCION WOOD of Redbyrd “Wild” Apples **** “Taming” (Grafting) Wild Seedling Apple Trees, propagating new cider varieties…spreading the Love! Wild seedling apple trees grow well around us in New York.  We find them everywhere, in forests shaded by towering hardwoods, in abandoned fields transitioning from cropland to brush, and especially along hedgerows.  Over the years of discovering, collecting, fermenting and grafting these trees it has become more and more apparent that their value is not only a complex component to cider but []

Cider Apple Harvest 2014 Begins!

We’re busy here at Redbyrd these days; preparing the press for another season of apples coming down from the hopper, getting our Ag&Markets required washing machine hooked up, helping with the planning of another fantastic FLX Cider Week upcoming in October, and of course, beginning to pick those absolutely gorgeously beautiful apples! So busy, in fact, that rather than craft our own musings on harvest, we will borrow from our dear friend and fellow organic apple orchardist, Chris Negronida of West Haven []