celebrate spring with a REDBYRD spring cider share!!!

Really, truly, it is right around the corner… SPRING! and wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate it’s arrival like this… with a share of Redbyrd Orchard Cider… ah, what could be better?  ummm, not much! Hi there!  2012 was a humdinger of a year for us apple growers in New York.  In fact, it was the hardest year on record for apple production in the state. You can hear Eric here talking about the  affect on the apple industry or read him []

Cider Poetry

In a Glass Of Cider It seemed I was a mite of sediment That waited for the bottom to ferment So i could catch a bubble in ascent. I rode up on one till the bubble burst, And when that left me to sink back reversed I was no worse off than I was at first. I’d catch another bubble if I waited. The thing was to get now and then elated.                                                                                                                                           -Robert Frost 1962  ****This poem makes us smile, and []

prune. drink. repeat.

Pruning is my favorite orchard chore.  It is truly art, sculpting of the tree. To promote fruitful wood, renew old branches, shape the tree for good sunlight and airflow.  Apples and leaves will surround these trees this summer but for now they are mere skeletons.  The air is crisp and the cider, fresh and cold.


How cool would it be if there were dry cider waiting for you at your weekly vegetable CSA pick-up? Sign up for Good Life Farm’s Spring CSA and you can easily add a Redbyrd Orchard Cider Share. The Good Life/Redbyrd joint CSA runs from March 21- May 30 and can be picked up at Good Life Farm in Interlaken or in Ithaca at the Piggery. First, choose between our 2012 Workman’s Dry Cider or the 2012 Workman’s Semi-Dry. Next, select your preferred quantity: Six liter keg []