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Apples from Redbyrd Orchard Cider's Newtown Road site

Apples grown by Redbyrd Orchard Cider, listed by variety…

● Arkansas Black- sharp heirloom, late

● Ashmead’s Kernel- sharp heirloom, late

● Baldwin- heirloom, late

● Barn Hill Sharp- sharp, late*

● Bedan- bittersweet, mid/late

● Binet Rouge- bittersweet, late

● Black Oxford- heirloom, late

● Bramley Seedling- sharp heirloom

● Brown Snout- bittersweet, mid/late (favorite)

● Brown’s Apple- bittersharp, early/mid (favorite)

● Burgundy- mid

● Dabinett- bittersweet, mid/late

● Domains- bittersweet, mid

● Gnarled Chapman- bittersweet, late*

● Golden Pearmain- heirloom, mid/late

● Golden Russet-mid/late

● Grenadine- red-fleshed

● Harry Masters’ Jersey- bittersweet,mid/late (favorite)

● Honeycrisp- mid

● Hudson’s Golden Gem- sweet, mid

● Karmijn de Sonnaville-

● Keepsake- heirloom, late

● Kingston Black- bittersharp, mid/late (favorite)

● Liberty- sharp, mid

● Major- bittersweet, early

● Margille- heirloom, mid

● Medaille d’Or- bittersweet, mid

● Merton Russet- late

● Michelin- bittersweet, mid

● Muscadet de Dieppe- bittersweet, mid/late

● Nehou- bittersweet, mid

● Newtown Pippin- sharp, late

● Northern Spy- sharp heirloom, mid/late

● Pink Parfait- red-fleshed

● Porter’s Perfection- bittersharp, late (favorite)

● Poundsweet- sweet heirloom, mid

● Redfield- sharp, mid/late

● Rhode Island Greening- sharp heirloom, late

● Ribston Pippin- heirloom

● Roxbury Russet- sharp heirloom, late

● Rubinette- red-fleshed

● Searsburg Cherry Bomb- sharp, mid/late, crab*

● Senshu- early/mid

● Somerset Redstreak- bittersweet, mid

● Spigold-

● Spitzenberg- sharp heirloom, mid/late

● St.Edmund’s Russet- early sharp

● Stoke Red- bittersharp, late (favorite)

● Sweet Sixteen- sweet, mid

● Texas King Crab- sharp, late*

● Thornberry- red-fleshed

● Tom Putt- bittersweet,

● Tompkin’s King- heirloom, mid

● Topaz- new, sharp

● Tremlett’s Bitter- bittersharp, early/mid

● Wickson Crab- sharp, late (favorite)

● Yarlington Mill- bittersweet, mid

● Zabergau Reinette – sharp heirloom, mid/late

● Zestar- sharp, early

* = Eric’s Own Apple varieties…from budwood gathered from wild trees and grafted and grown out in our nursery and then planted in the orchard. YES!!!!! We love to be apple preservationists. Find out more here.

 Redbyrd Orchard is located in the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, on the traditional Gayogohó:no nation lands of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The Confederacy precedes the establishment of New York state, and the United States of America.

In acknowledgement, a portion of sales from our orchard are contributed to Ganondagan. Find out more about the Iroquois White Corn Project here.

We support the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust and we hope you will too! Find out more here and become a patron here.  Thanks! “NEFOC is working towards a collective vision of advancing land and food sovereignty in the northeast region through permanent and secure land tenure for POC farmers and land stewards who will use the land in a sacred manner that honors our ancestors dreams – for sustainable farming, human habitat, ceremony, native ecosystem restoration, and cultural preservation.

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