The B I G Project: A Collaboration Cider

We are so excited to announce Black Is Gold, the new collaboration project with our good friends at Black Diamond Cider.   Each year both cideries will each press and ferment 50 gallons of fantastic cider to then be blended together, bottled and kegged and then offered to the public.

The creation of this project is one of our collective answers to the important question:

“What can we, as beverage makers and farmers, do to support the vital work of abolishing barriers to racial and social equity and justice in our community?”

Black Is Gold is made entirely in support of local organizations here in Tompkins County fighting to make this world a better, more just, equitable, kind place to be. Know that when you have this first year of Black Is Gold, be it by the bottle from us as producers (and very soon available for online purchase and shipping!!!) or by the glass at Liquid State Brewery (our 2021 project partner), you are 100% helping us all answer that question! Yes! Thank you!!!!!!

We’d love to introduce you to the two organizations we are beyond thrilled to support in their work of making our community fuller, richer, more just and equitable and loving: OAR of Tompkins County and The Food Justice Project.

So, without further ado….



The Food Justice Project supports the growing and distribution of food as a means to end food discrimination based on race and socio-economic status. Our ongoing efforts increase equitable access to healthy food, community empowerment and resilience, collaboration, and environmental sustainability. Find out more here.



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