Our Ciders


Workman Dry ’15 –   Apricot and orange peel on the nose, fruit forward, clean like water on slate. Bright and juicy tart. Apples: 42% heirlooms, 27% bittersweets, 17% sharps, 14% wild apples. 0.0% residual sugar, 8.2% alcohol/volume. Unfiltered, unfined.  Release date- March 2016

Workman Semi-Dry ’15 – Floral nose with cedar and pear notes finishing with white peach on the tongue and lingering soft tannins.  A very friendly and approachable cider, appropriate for drinking on its own or paired with most foods. “A cider for the worker in all of us.” Apples: 25% Baldwin, 15% Cox’s Orange Pippin, 13% Mutsu, 10% Wild Apples, with remainder being European Bittersweets and Bittersharps. 2.0% residual sugar, 8.0% alcohol/volume. Filtered.  Release date- late March 2016

Starblossom ’15 – Smoky spicy bittersweet apple aromas with hints of beeswax and tangerine, full-bodied tannic structure with a finish of cinnamon and orange pith. Apples: 68% bittersweets (Domaines, Medaille d’Or, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Somerset Redstreak, Michelin, Yarlington Mill, Benet Rouge, Chisel Jersey, Sweet Coppin) and 32% heirlooms (Tompkins King, Northern Spy, Spigold, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Liberty, Senjou, Sweet Sixteen, Wickson Crab). 0.0% residual sugar, 8.5% alcohol/volume.  Starblossom focuses primarily on European bittersweet and bittersharp apples, with a portion of the cider aged in French and American oak barrels. The apples for this cider come from our own trees and the orchards we partner in care for at Tree Gate Farm and Newell Farm.   Release date- late April 2016

Cloudsplitter ’15 – Estate grown highlighting the terroir of our two hillside orchard sites. Blended as apples at the press, unfiltered and bottle conditioned. Biodynamic. Crisp, full of citrus with structured tannins and racy acidity. Primary Apples: Wickson Crab, Porter’s Perfection, Kingston Black, Brown Snout, Ashmead’s Kernel. 0.0% residual sugar, 9.6% alcohol/volume.  54 cases produced. Release date- June 2016

Porter’s Perfection/Golden Russet – Barrel fermented and barrel aged in American oak, blend of 50% Porter’s Perfection (an English bittersharp with excellent balance of tannins and acidity) and 50% Golden Russet (a high brix heirloom apple producing viscous full bodied juice with honey and melon notes). Bottle conditioned.  0.0% residual sugar, 9% alcohol/volume.  20 cases produced. Release date- June 2016

Wickson-Manchurian-Dolgo Crab – Single pressing. 30 cases produced.  Release date- January 2017

Wild Pippin ’15 – Wild apples from three properties nestled in our region, we give thanks to those who have allowed us to pick, in some cases, the trees they have known since childhood. Not all wild apples are good for cider, but these, oh man, these were gems. Picked from September 15th thru November 1st, pressed in two pressings. Aged in oak and bottle conditioned. 40 cases produced. Release date- January 2017

Still Barrel – A still (non-effervesent) cider, barrel fermented and barrel aged. Aged on primary fermentation lees for seven months with frequent battonage to bring weight and roundness. Unfiltered.  0.0% residual sugar.  Release date- August 2016

Celeste Sur Lie ’14 – An elegant cider for celebration, made in the traditional style and disgorged after aging on bottle lees for over a year, giving you a beautiful helix of endless soft bubbles in your glass and a creamy buttery mouthfeel. 0.0% residual sugar, 11% alcohol/volume. Release date- January 2017

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