Home to Boney T’s Hot Sauce Pepper Plot

One of the best parts of being at Redbyrd in addition to the apples is the awesome folks we get to share land with…Boney T’s Hot Sauce!!! and who doesn’t love hot sauce!!!! (please don’t say you…because really maybe even if it is you, you just need to try THIS hot sauce and then you’ll have a different answer. honest. trust us. it’s that good). Boney T’s is this beautiful blend of sweetness from gorgeous fruit and heat from some of the coolest (you know what we mean) peppers in existence. Zaun Marshburn and family grow and tend the peppers and a lot of the fruit for their excellent sauce right here in the midst of apple trees and pesky sheep.

Email boneytshotsauce@gmail.com to check on what’s available and for local pickup.

Check them out on instagram at @boneytshotsauce

And, hot tip: When he’s not busy tending to his plants and making hot sauce, Zaun is one of Ithaca’s premier musicians and offers drum lessons. @zaunmarshburnplaysthedrums

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