“We’ll have a potluck dinner and make a big bonfire,” says Eric Shatt, co-owner of Redbyrd. “There will be singing, and we have musicians play guitars and fiddles in the orchards. Then everyone huddles around one tree, typically the oldest or biggest tree, and we offer toasts soaked in cider to the spirit guardians of the orchard. We also make noise with pots and pans, drums, and scream and shout.”

But with most celebrations, many of the individual elements of wassailing have evolved over the centuries, with cider makers today adding their own special touches to the event, like incorporating musical instruments into the celebration. However, in the end, the root of the ritual remains the same.“It really stems from the fact that we respect and draw off knowledge of English cider tradition,” Shatt says. “It’s another excuse to celebrate life and enjoy being outside and sing under the stars.”       Find out more about this event January 17th event here.