Redbyrd Orchard’s 2019 Starblossom *Certified Biodynamic* Bone Dry*

Starblossom is made from these Certified Biodynamic® apples grown by Redbyrd Orchard: Sweet Sixteen, Zestar, Somerset Redstreak, Browns Apple, Tompkins King, Honeycrisp , Domaines, Yarlington Mill, Nehou, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Crimson Topaz, Hereford Redstreak, Tom Putt, Stoke Red, Golden Hornet, Baldwin, NY75, Rubinette, Geneva Crab, Rhode Island Greening, Brown Snout, Newtown Pippin, Keepsake, Golden Russet, Liberty, Black Oxford, Arkansas Black

Pressed : October/November 2019, rack and cloth

Fermented : Stainless Steel and Oak Barrel, bone dry

Finished : Force Carbonated

Aromas : Beeswax, Palo Santo, Eucalyptus, Orange Peel

Taste : Soft fruity texture, low acid and mild tannins

·         This cider was pressed, fermented, aged and bottled at our farm cidery at 42.25’57°N, 76.45’59°W, 1654 feet above sea level on a hilltop on the divide between the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the St. Lawrence Seaway watershed, and in acknowledgement of place, on the traditional lands of the Cayuga Nation of the Haudenosaunee.

We strive to farm and ferment in harmony,  with natural rhythm and spirit 

With the birds and the bees, with the flowers and trees 

We make cider to share with you. We hope you can taste and feel it too.

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