How our picking crates are built…beautiful!

   Hamlin Sawmill’s founder building an apple crate on machine he created. An artisan at his finest, and yes, that classical music really was playing in his workroom when i came to pick up our pallet of crates. Best crates made in the U.S.

Last year, in late summer I headed up to Hamlin, NY to pick up a pallet load of apple picking crates. It was a beautiful and long drive, nice to have some quiet space for the thoughts and daydreams that green rolling hills can bring. I was just expecting to get the crates and turn right around, but once i got there…wow! I got the privilege of meeting our crate maker, owner of Hamlin Sawmill, and videoing him making a bushel crate. Maybe i’m a huge nerd, but i could watch this video a billion times!

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